Christmas in Wien

image (12)Flights from Bucharest to Wien = not cheap at all (around 350 euros), but hey, at least you fly only 45 minutes. The other 20 minutes are for take off and landing. The Wien airport has an amazing modern design and it is quite easy to get in the right direction. Moreover, the best part of it is that you can actually buy tickets for OBB, the local public transport network (15 euros for a week – unlimited travelling, peak and off-peak). You can get to the city center by CAT, at Wien Mitte, one of the newest malls in town (you actually get off the train right in this mall). A return ticket costs around 16 euros. Whatever you do, do not miss Stephanplatz. It’s pretty close and you’ll enjoy the fairy tale scenery.

Christmas fairs stay open for 2 months, from 24 november to 24 december, so if you plan to spend your Christmas Even at a fair, it is unlikely for you to do so. However, you can go to Schonbrunn – there’s a magnificent view out there if you want to climb to Gloriette… quite amazing actually! 🙂 I guess during summer is even better.

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If you plan to shop, think again! Shops are closed starting with the 24th of December 2pm to 26th of December. They will be opened soon though – on the 27th. However, if you need to keep yourself busy, you can visit the MuseumsQuartier. Culture is everything in Wien and you can enjoy art in a peaceful, undisturbed and personal manner (e.g. ticket for Mumok – 10 euros).

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Do not forget about Naschmarkt (you can get there by tram or tube – almost any route leading to the city center; just get off at the Karlsplatz station). The market is colourful and delightful; you’ll find there a selection of great food from around the world and tiny restaurants serving sea fruits like no other. Or you can just admire the flowers 🙂

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