The Power of Storytelling – Bucharest 2014

Decat o Revista is a publication which drew attention through its creativity and freedom in writing. The journalistic style known by all of us has been reinvented and adorned as to reveal story after story. Succulent articles about real life have been written during the past years and readers got to learn about things they have never considered before.

Showing off with their already traditional way of writing, in a good way of course, Decat o Revista reunites in Bucharest storytellers from around the world. They are people like us, but quite different after all. In fact, they are among the few people who can delight others by using words. Fascinating techniques, projects and personas have been unveiled at The Power of Storytelling during the past few years; hopefully they will keep the same track, offering unique moments this year too.

The Power of Storytelling takes place at Pullman Hotel, on the 17-18th of October. The full schedule has been already published here. Let the stories live!