NESTworking – powered by Revista de povestiri

I have attended recently a training which impressed me very much – it’s called NESTworking and it takes one month to go trough it. Under Magda Bunea’s close surveillance each of us evolved and assimilated real communication principles. What matter the most for me was that I have acknowledged the fact that I need to change something with/in me at first in order to bound stronger relationships or to simply repair the damaged ones.

Willing to perform accordingly, I have applied the lessons and I was curious to discover what would happen. We usually say things without thinking too much about the consequences or about their impact on people. We are at ease if we talk or approach a situation as we are used too, but believe me when I say that paying attention to details is worth everything. Even people seem to be much different now and they speak a lot without even saying anything! Knowing someone is a must to start a conversation? This is so old fashioned now! 😀