Help Carol help David #indiegogo

This is the kind of picture that impresses people. There’s nothing else to say, there’s nothing else to discover. However, these guys, the children of the old man envisaged in the photo are developing the story and then you see a suffering grandpa’ who’s hugging his nephew. Families have to stick together for as long as they can, so let’s support their cause. Here’s what they have to say about this.

We are trying to raise $2000 or more for Mom while she takes the next three months off to care for Dad. We don’t want her to worry about the financial aspect of things right now, so we believe that surprising her with a check at the end of this campaign will bring some relief.  

We’ve created some local and handmade perks that anyone would enjoy having including super cool leather earrings, non-toxic earth-friendly laundry detergent, and raffle entries for a personalized handmade Christmas stocking all made in Maine.