The power of positive thinking

Being in a state of mind that needed some upgrading, I decided to break my rule of not reading motivational books, and I started to lecture avidly “The power of positive thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale (the book on Amazon). It was on sale in a library so I said it would be a great opportunity to enhance the experience given by the bunch of books already selected.

So, happy and proud that I was able to be less subjective and that I was open to something new, I tried to give it a chance. There are some inspiring examples in it, but somehow the writer’s profession counts a lot, because the book keeps hanging on prayers and they are the mantra of positive thinking. Even more, there were some passages where you are advised to go to Church and preach God every day, which is a little bit more like propaganda to me. Savvy readers would expect more from a book, than simply saying what your grandma’ could say. Lost time to read half of it, paying attention to the future acquisitions.