The Girl in the Picture

One of my best friends is from Vietnam, so when one of my colleagues has returned from a trip there with some souvenirs, including books, I couldn’t say no to one of them. It is called “The Girl in the Picture” and it reflects the complete story of a Vietnam victim.

She was caught in a napalm attack, suffering severe burns on her body. While she was running naked, screaming of pain, a photograph was there to take a picture of her. This was a glimpse of the horror that happened there, so the photo traveled around the world. Moreover, it got mentioned for so many times and it generated so many other materials that the girl  herself, Kim Phuc, was considered to be a menace by the communist government.

Kim Phuc managed to escape Vietnam by following her dream to study; after many years of giving up university, she was offered a scholarship in Cuba. Her wedding gave her the best option: a flight to Moscow with a stopover in Canada. She wanted so bad to break through communism that she simply decided to stay there with or without her husband. So she did.

Read the whole story (book on Amazon). You’ll enjoy seeing how can a political regime transform a family and how it can affect an entire society. Or if you do not have enough time, at least access the link below.

I know that Wikipedia is not the most reliable source. However, I would highly recommend the following link: