About sex more than… AMOR

Nice Friday evening, after a relaxing day a work, sunny and less chilly than other evenings. What’s the perfect way to end it? Buy a savoury book from a shabby library, take it out there in the nearest downtown mini-park and read it excitedly. Caving in to the aggressive advertising, I chose the one – AMOR by Isabel Allende (the book on Amazon).

Somehow attracted by the “diplomatic” roots  of the author and  by her background, I have analysed carefully what I read. Nonetheless, the conclusion was the same – it’s about sex fantasies, not about love. Some juicy passages let flow the most intriguing ideas and many of them lead to sex scenes unavoidably. Too bad that it seemed promising. It is so easy to read that I managed to finish it in a few hours. I was little when books like this used to be in vogue, but I know that my parents, breathing some ex-communist air, used to have them – they were written by Sandra Brown. In case you’re looking for something like this, you’ve found it.